Ab durch die Mitte
8. Juli 2016
Görlitz!! Wittam Polska
14. Juli 2016

On the way

Two weeks are over now, since I left my little home town to explore the world. Now I´m sitting here in Leipzig in a cozy hostel and think about the last days and try to write an english post… When have I written a long english text the last time? In school, yes but it´s a few years ago. I will try and I will be better with the time. Feel free to correct my mistakes.

First task was to explore my home country. As a passionated train driver I and resident of plain lands I haven’t planned, that Germany is more than plains. Many hills I had to cross. Lot´s of height meters. Google Maps says around 5000 in only a few days. A guy from a bike shop told me I´m crazy. When I think about my plans, yes I´m crazy.

In conclusion,Germany is a nice country with wonderful landscapes and beautiful little villages but next time I will go again by train or car. That´s much easier.

I started my trip after a wonderful mass in sunshine weather to cologne, the first 80km with the heavy bike was hard. After 2 hours it started heavy raining amd i had to stop. First day with rain, amazing start… After long day totally exhausted I arrived my brothers flat in cologne, where I stayed the first night. The second day started cloudy, Koblenz was my destination of this day. The trip from my hometown to Koblenz I cycled two years ago without luggage in one day, so I thought it won’t be a big problem. The bad thing was, that because of the many rain the weeks before, the river rhine cycling way was closed at many points and the state government forgot to place signs so every few kilometres turn around and back and search a new way. At the end i needed over 30 km more and had a total km of 117 on my bike computer. With the bad weather and the bad way conditions my mood became worse. Next days gone better, i cycled along the river Mosel than up into the Hunsrück area to visit family. There was a part of 6 km hill with around 12%up. With 3-4km/h i cycled up there and never was more happy to reach a destination than this day. Four days later already arrived in Gießen the family visits were finished and I started really cycling, first to Bad Hersfeld than to Eisenach to visit the famous Wartburg continues to Gotha, the town where most of european kingdom families came from than Erfurt and Weimar, the city who took an important role in german history (Weimar republic). Now im in Leipzig and the next days I will cycle direction to Görlitz, a town direct at the german-polish border.


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